Example: A camera that shoots perfectly but is not mobile enough to get pictures. One must settle for the highest level of technical perfection obtainable below the ability to obtain the picture.

     The order of importance in art is:

     1. The resultant communication

     2. The technical rendition.

      Two is always subordinate to 1. Two may be as high as possible but never so high as to injure 1.

      The communication is the primary target. The technical quality of it is the secondary consideration. A person pushes 2 as high as possible within the reality of 1.

      A being can take a lot of trouble with 2 to achieve 1 but there is a point where attempting 2 prevents 1.

      If the ardures of 2 prevent 1, then modify 2, don't modify 1.

      Perfection is defined as the quality obtainable which still permits the delivery of the communication.

      Too much time on 2 of course prevents 1.

      It is usually necessary to lower a standard from absolute perfection to achieve communication. The test of the artist is how little it is lowered not how high it is pushed.

      A professional in the arts is one who obtains communication with the art form at the minimum sacrifice of technical quality. There is always some sacrifice of quality to communicate at all.

      The reduction of mass or time or impedimenta or facilities toward the ability to render a result is the exact measurement of how much technical perfection can be attempted. The rule is if one is being too perfectionistic to actually achieve a communication, reduce the mass, time, impedimenta or facilities sufficiently low to accomplish the communication but maintain the technique and perfection as high as is reconcilable with the result to be achieved and within one's power to act.

      No communication is no art. To not do the communication for lack of technical perfection is the primary error. It is also an error not to push up the technical aspects of the result as high as possible.

      One measures the degree of perfection to be achieved by the degree of communication that will be accomplished.

      This is seen even in a workman and tools. The workman who cannot accomplish anything but must have tools is an artistic failure.

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