1928       LRH organizes and enters a group of classmates in Helena's annual Vigilante Day Parade. "Most Original Cast" award is bestowed for their portrayal of Spanish Main pirates. This and other events are carefully recorded in a ledger along with short stories based on his travels. He will continue recording fragments of stories in that ledger for the next two years.

[China wall]

      Returning to the Orient in July, he embarks upon an eighteen-month journey through Asia. A selection of LRH photographs from these travels is purchased by the stock photograph house, Underwood and Underwood, and by National Geographic.

     1930       LRH enrolls at Woodward School for Boys in Washington, DC to complete his high-school education. In March, his speech "The Constitution: A Guarantee of Liberty to the Individual" takes top honors in a regional oratory contest.


      That summer, LRH launches a professional writing career, scripting dramas for radio station WJSV while attending classes at George Washington University (GWU). Beginning in September, he additionally writes and performs ballads on local station, WOL, all while employed as a photojournalist/reporter at the Washington Herald.

      As an undergraduate at George Washington LRH conducts experiments on mental recognition of aesthetics. These experiments lead to the later identification of élan vital, or what he later termed thetan.


Writer Photographer Filmmaker Maker of music Philosopher of Art